Rodney S. Scott

Retired Chief, US Border Patrol


Rodney Scott served nearly three decades in the United States Border Patrol building vast experience and knowledge in federal law enforcement and border security.  Chief Scott assumed command of the United States Border Patrol on February 2, 2020, becoming the 24th Chief.  Scott served as Chief during the Trump, and Biden administrations and retired in August 2021.

Chief Scott began his career with the U.S. Border Patrol on May 11, 1992, as a member of Academy Class 252.  His first assignment was to the Imperial Beach Station, San Diego Sector as a frontline field agent.  As Chief Scott promoted through the ranks, he earned a reputation as an innovative, problem-solving leader.   As a result, Chief Scott was asked to take on several leadership and specialized assignments.  Following the 9-11 terrorist attacks he served as a principal advisor to the Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on anti-terrorism matters.  Chief Scott was later selected as the Deputy Executive Director of the CBP, Office of Anti-terrorism.  Chief Scott served as the Director for CBP’s, national Incident Management and Operations Coordination Division which oversaw preparedness, national emergency response and interagency coordination.

Chief Scott was selected to serve as the Chief Patrol Agent for El Centro Sector and the San Diego Sector before being selected as Chief, US Border Patrol.   As the national Chief, Scott led over 21,000 personnel and was responsible for securing the vast international borders of the U.S. between the official ports of entry.

After retiring Chief Scott immediately leveraged his vast experience and knowledge in border security to inform and educate politicians and the public about the threats that our nation faces when we choose to leave our international borders unsecured.    In November 2021 Chief Scott teamed up with Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) as a Distinguished Senior Fellow on border security and immigration.  Through TPPF and direct contacts, Chief Scott continues to work with Congressional leadership, State legislators, civic groups, and media outlets to provide insight and expertise in border security.  Chief Scott also serves as an advisor to A1C Partners and DFND.  Chief Scott has testified before Congress on several occasions, routinely appears on major news networks and has shared his insights on various podcasts with the likes of Vice President Pence, Dr. Ben Carson and many others.



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