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"Jaeson Jones is the Director/CEO of Omni Intelligence, a private company that strives to make the public and government agencies aware of threats posed by unsecured borders and best practices to combat transnational crime. Mr. Jones is a nationally recognized authority on the Mexican Cartels who lectures across the U.S. Mr. Jones has been a regular guest on Fox, Fox Business News, Fox Nation, including many other national TV and radio programs. Today, he is a National Border Correspondent with NEWSMAX."


Jaeson Jones is a retired Captain from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counterterrorism Division. He managed the daily operations for the Texas Rangers, Border Security Operations Center (BSOC). He supervised Human Intelligence (HUMINT) operations in several nations and managed Intelligence lead operations for one of the longest 24/7 border operation in Texas history, Operation Secure Texas. He liaised daily with law enforcement and members of the intelligence community to collaborate with all disciplines of the homeland security enterprise.

Mr. Jones was responsible for providing timely information and analysis necessary to prevent and protect against all threats. This included providing analysis and Intelligence to the Texas Rangers, Criminal Investigations Division, Texas Highway Patrol, Aircraft Section, and State Emergency Management Division. Given his knowledge of Mexican Cartel operations and threats involving border security, Mr. Jones frequently speaks to executives within all disciplines of homeland security throughout the nation. His focus is on best practices for combating transnational threats and the spread of violent criminal networks.

Mr. Jones served as the Critical Incident Commander in the State Intelligence Center during both Fort Hood shootings, Austin IRS Echelon building attack, University of Texas active shooter incident, Odessa shooting involving four officers shot with over 1,200 rounds fired, Ranger Recon Mexican Cartel shooting, Murder of a Bexar County Sergeant, and the Bastrop County wildfire disaster.




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