Thomas Homan

Mission Statement

“You can’t have strong national security without strong border security, and you can’t have strong border security without strong interior enforcement”.

- Tom Homan 

The most powerful nation in the world no longer has operational control of our borders. The most secure border we ever had was systematically dismantled. The historic illegal alien crisis is no longer about just illegal immigration. Its about public safety, public health, and sex trafficking of women and children at record numbers.

It’s about a record amount of drugs flowing across the open border that has killed more Americans than any terrorist organization or war. Its about the record number of illegal aliens that have died on our soil making that journey. Its about a historic number of known or suspected terrorists using our vulnerable southern border as a gateway to enter this great nation and attack from the inside. Its about our right to be a sovereign nation.

The BORDER911 team is a group of the most distinguished border security experts that have ever come together for a common mission. They are all proven leaders in illegal immigration, border security, national security, terrorism investigations, sex trafficking, narcotics investigations, and criminal cartel operations. This team is not a group of talking heads or policy thinkers that have zero front line experience. This team has been in the fight for decades. They have stood on the front lines and ran multifaceted operations and criminal investigations. They have reported on border security for many years. They are proven, effective leaders that help create the most secure border this nation ever had.

BORDER911 Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization , will educate the American people about the facts of a non-secure border. They will speak from decades of law enforcement experience to include their leadership of some of this nation’s largest federal enforcement agencies that resulted in creating the most secure border in this nation’s history. They will help every American to understand that border security is paramount to this nation’s security and prosperity and regardless of opinions on illegal immigration, border security is the key to our nation’s safety and a necessary aspect of national security. 

BORDER911 Foundation, Inc. is challenging all media and politicians to be transparent on this issue. Its aim is to educate Americans on the facts of border security and when America votes for our leadership, they will understand the devastation, the facts, the causes, and results, so they can make an informed decision.




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